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Klecker’s Heating & A/C, Inc.

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Our Energy Saving Service Agreement

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Klecker's Heating & Air Conditioning Service Agreement

We offer a comprehensive care package for your home's climate comfort systems - not to worry! We take care of your equipment, schedule your service and maintain your records. You stay comfortable.

With the Service Agreement we offer you the added value of:

➤ 15% discount on repair parts and labor
➤ Normal weekday rates for emergency “after hours” service calls, no matter what time of day or night
➤ Preferred Customer status that moves your call up in line ahead of non-Agreement customers
➤ Lower operating costs because properly maintained equipment uses less energy
➤ Increased heating and cooling capacity thanks to the restoration of the equipment to factory specifications
➤ Longer equipment life because well maintained equipment lasts longer
➤ Reduced runtime, when your equipment runs less you pay lower utility bills
➤ Fewer repairs thanks to preventive maintenance
➤ Improved comfort thanks to better dehumidification from your air conditioner and better heat transfer from your furnace
➤ Safer system thanks to regular inspections and corrections
➤ Transferable to a new house if you move or to the new owner of your existing house - your choice

We maintain your records and notify you when your service is due

In return, we ask for pre-payment with your signed Agreement and your willingness to allow us to schedule your service during our “off-peak” times when our service technicians are not rushed and are able to pay meticulous attention to detail.

Your investment in a Service Agreement will be slightly higher than the cost of a simple preventive maintenance “service call”. This additional investment will more than pay for itself in reliability and energy savings. In the unlikely event that a repair or emergency call is required, you pay 15% less for parts and labor and regular weekday labor rates for after hours calls.

Why should I be concerned with maintenance? Can't I just let it run until it breaks and then get it fixed?

➤ The biggest enemy of your heating and cooling equipment is dirt inside the unit and the filter. Regular cleaning of interior components like the blower
    assembly, burners, pilot, electrical compartment(s), and many other areas increase reliability and energy efficiency.
➤ Many models of motors and bearings need oil or grease.
➤ Belts need to be inspected and tension adjusted.
➤ Drain lines plug up with sludge, need to be cleaned regularly.
➤ When minor maintenance is neglected, major repair or replacement expense results.
➤ Properly maintained equipment last longer and costs less to run than neglected equipment.
➤ Routine screws, plugs, hoses, clamps and other such hardware stay serviceable.
➤ Regular maintenance will significantly reduce the chances of an expensive breakdown on a holiday or weekend.

How it works

With pre-payment in full, a one year Service Agreement entitles you, our valued customer, to the preventive maintenance detailed in the Agreement and Preferred Customer status. As a Preferred Customer and while the Service Agreement is in effect, you are entitled to priority scheduling, a 15% discount on parts and labor and regular hourly service rates for after hours emergency calls.

Upon completion of the scheduled maintenance our technician will provide you with a list of the inspection points and service he performed to ensure your comfort and safety. This report will also detail any recommendations for repair or replacement that will enhance the reliability and efficiency of your heating and cooling equipment.

In order to qualify for the regular hourly rates for after hours emergency calls, all repairs or replacements recommended as a result of the preventive maintenance must be performed at the time of the preventive maintenance. Both the 15% discount and the regular hourly service rates for after hours emergency calls apply only during the term of the Service Agreement.

You may choose to simply have us service your equipment on a time and material basis. We will continue to offer service on this basis, however, the value added with a Service Agreement will not be included.

Contact us today to schedule your service agreement for your home's heating and air conditioning systems.

Call 920-261-9218 or use our contact form.

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